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Flood Relief Update!

In addition to the funds provided by the Burlington Community Fund, significant financial assistance was received from local Foundations, Service Organizations, local Business, Churches, as well as generous individuals and families in the Burlington area.  The Burlington Community Fund would like to thank all the donors that have been so generous in assisting those affected by the July 12 Flood.

The Burlington Community Fund has completed the allocation of the Relief Fund to all the qualified applicants.  The following is a summary:

We had a total of $500,000 that we were able to give back to the community, with 200 applicants with widely varying needs.

With a great amount of help from an independent accounting firm, we were able to make grants from $200 for those with minimal losses to $10,000 to families that have lost their homes.  Our emphasis was to make the most of the funding available to as many people as possible.

Grant amounts were awarded based on both the household income and the total loss, with some consideration given to those families with special needs.  We also took into consideration families that were temporarily or permanently displaced from their homes.

We are continuing to receive and accept donations for flood relief efforts.  With this effort our intention is to partner with other local agencies engaged in flood relief.  

“The Purpose of The Veterans Terrace at Echo Park is to give back to Burlington through The Burlington Community Fund.”

Flood Relief Fund participation from: